Cozette  “Cozy”

Cozette is  a classy blue poodle. In poodles, the color blue means that the puppy is born black and turns ‘blue’ over the first couple years of life. Cozy’s blue is showing mostly in her face right now.  She has champion grandparents on both sides and it shows. She has a very loving personality and warms up to people quickly. Her gentle, quite manner has made her easy to blend into our family.

We are expecting Cozy to throw blue solid puppies and black and tan puppies. She and Jameson  will be bred for spring  2018 puppies.

Cozette’s Height: 25 in.

Weight: 50 lbs.

We expect Cozette’s black and tan pups to look like this:   

Adz 2012 Belle 8wk

Belle at 8 weeks.

 These pups are from Adelaide, my previous blue poodle, Cozy’s mother.

Adz 2014

Violet at 3 months.

We expect Cozette’s blue puppies to look like this:

Stla s2016 Forrest 7 wk2

Forrest at 8 weeks.

This is one of Stella’s pups. Stella is a true blue and this little guy expresses her coloring.

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