from Kangaroo for Christmas by James Flora in which little Kathryn tells her pet, “Adelaide, ADELAIDE! You must slow down and act like a lady.”


Adelaide is a classy blue poodle. In poodles, the color blue means that the puppy is born black and turns ‘blue’ over the first couple years of life. Adelaide’s blue shows most on her face, legs, and belly. She has champion parents on both sides and it shows. She has a very loving Adz 2013 2personality and warms up to people quickly. Her gentle, quite manner has made her easy to blend into our family.

She has given us four beautiful litters of puppies so far. Her pups always show some tan coloring.  Many of her pups also blue which creats a frosted black and tan look. Adz zzzing

Adelaide’s Height: 24 in.

Weight: 50 lbs.

My sweet Adelaide has been retired from the Airedoodle business. She is enjoying her retirement as a family pet. She has been adopted by a wonderful family who has one of her sons.   


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