Stella 9-15 #`Stella entered our breeding program in 2016.  She is an adorable, bouncy blue poodle who has moved in to replace Adelaide.

Blue poodles are born black and slowly turn blue over their first 2-3 years of life.  At maturity they are a lovely blue black color.  Stella is about 15 mos. old in these photos and you can see her blue coming in.

She is my smallest Poodle, AKC registered, and full of life.  She is in great physical condition having spent her young years romping in the dog yard. Stella is a joy dog, always happy, always ready for a walk, a brushing, or a petting. She has proven herself as an excellent mother.    Stella 9-15 #2

Height:  22 in.

Weight:  4o lbs.


Stella’s litter came on April 30,  2018.  She had a healthy litter of nine pups including black and tan, solid, and one brindle. We have four available at this time.   Her solid puppies are $1000 and her colored puppies are $1200.  You can see her pups on her current litter page.

Stella’s Gallery

Stla s2016 Forrest 7 wk2

This is Forrest at seven weeks of age. He inherited his mother’s blue coloring.


Below is a picture of Forrest at 5 mos. His owner says, “As far as personality, he’s definitely one of the smartest dogs that we have ever owned – he learns faster than any other dog that we’ve owned (which I imagine comes from the poodle side), and he also has the many of the goofball terrier traits that make him an absolute wonderful dog in our opinion.

Stla s2016 Forrest 5 mos.


Forrest before his first haircut.





Stla s2016 Casey 12 wk

This is Casey.  She is one of Stella’s black and tan puppies.  You can see her tan beginning to present in her face and legs.

Her owner says, “Just wanted to let you know Casey is growing like a weed! Lol
She is very smart and learns quick. We just started puppy school yesterday and she isn’t too sure about the bigger puppies but loves the little ones.”

Stla s2016 Casey



Here is Casey at 7 months. Her tan has taken over her face and legs.

She is in a doodle haircut.





Stla s2016 red boy 7wk1

Stla s2016 blue boy 9wk3

Stla s2016 blue boy 9wk4