WIntroducing Sodapop!

She’s is one of my new females who is moving into the breeding program in fall 2018.

This dog has all the bounce and humor that her name depicts.

She is named after Sodapop Curtis from The Outsiders.


She is always the first dog to strike the “play with me” pose.

Then she’s the first to grab a clump of grass and make a run for it.

She’s the fastest in the dash by far.

When its all over, she comes in tuckered and happy.

Soda is an AKC purebred Standard Poodle.

She is 24 inches at the shoulder and weighs 42 lbs.

                                          She has a luxurious, wavy coat and an undocked tail!

 Next litter planned for Spring 2019.

Check Soda’s litter page for deposit information.