Airedoodle Colors

This page is designed to help our buyers understand the colors of our Airedoodle puppies. 

Airedale Terriers are born black with tan muzzles and paws.  Over the first year of life the tan increases until there is only a dark saddle left.  That saddle may be black or grizzle. This color changing cycle is also true for our Airedoodles. 

The Standard Poodle adds to the color factor too.  Certain poodle colors change as the dog comes to maturity.  This is true of blue poodles which are born black and turn to their blue shade over the first two years of life.  My retired girls, Adelaide and Stella, are  blue poodles as is my current girl, Cozette. This changing cycle also effects our Airedoodles. 

Here is an example of what our pups look like as they mature.   Please remember that each buyer chooses the haircut of their choice for their dog.  Some cut their dogs like doodles, some poodles, and some terriers.  Don’t judge any of these dogs by  their haircut.  These pictures are being provided to help you understand the colors.  All of these dogs were born at Wicket Gate Farm.  


Colored – “Black and Tan”

 Here is black and tan (from the Airedale) with the black factor also coming from the poodle side.

This is Starbuck at 5 yrs. in a modified terrier cut.

While her  saddle gene is black from both sides, she inherited the Airedale grizzle gene also which effected her black.



Colored – “Black and Tan”

Here is black and tan (from the Airedale) with the blue factor coming in from the poodle side.

This is Lenny at 2 yrs. in a doodle cut.

You see that the blue factor on the black and tan and the grizzle factor have similar effects on the black color.



The color change in a Colored pup can be amazing.

What you see below is common.

Nala at 3 wks. with the tan barely showing.

Nala at 7 wks. with the tan exploding.

Nala at maturity. Gorgeous.



“Solid – Blue”

This is a solid pup – blue factored out of Cozette.

She will blue up to some degree over the next two years.



“Solid – Black”

This is a solid pup – black factored out of Eliza.

She will stay black.




Stella gave us some nice brindles before I retired her.

I do not know if I will have any brindles from my new girls. Time will tell.

This is Fender (Spring 2018)

This is Brigadier (Spring 2017)



This is one of the beauties of buying a hybrid:

no two pups look exactly alike.