About Us

We are a large, homeschooling family living in central Michigan. Four of our boys have grown and flown. Our oldest is married to our wonderful daughter-in-law; they live nearby and are raising our five equally wonderful grandchildren. Our second eldest is married to a terrific gal, and they are currently living in Europe. They were blessed with their second child in 2018.  The third son is married to the beautiful daughter of one of my dearest friends. How cool is that! They live in mountains of Montana where they love to adventure with their dog. Number four is a bachelor out there learning a variety of skills. The fifth, our first daughter , is working alongside me and building her Bernedoodle business. The sixth, also a daughter, is recently married to our super son-in-law and they are living in Lansing while he finishes his degree. The last three are sons still living at home and we are so thankful to have them.

Paul is the pastor of  Covenant Christian Church. Janet is a stay at home mom. We lived in a rented home on a 400+ acre dairy farm for sixteen years where we helped with the cows, raised pigs, fleeced sheep, cavorted on horses, and raised dogs. In June of 2013 we moved to our own nine acre spot near Greenville, MI. We are raising dogs and kids and dreaming about what we might do in the future with our piece of soil. We consider ourselves very blessed to have had all of these children and try to encourage them to work hard and enjoy the country lifestyle.

Paul and Janet Cook    Greenville, Michigan      moo2utoo@gmail.com    989-307-0924