Sales Contract


75/25 hybrid

Prices and Deposit Policy

Our solid pups (black or blue)  are $1400 for 2021

Our colored pups (two tone or brindle) are $1800 for 2021

A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to hold a puppy.  Placing a deposit secures the buyer a position in the puppy selection process. Our buyers choose their puppies in the order that the deposits come in. If the litter does not produce the gender our buyer has designated as their preference, the buyer may choose the opposite gender or move his deposit to the next litter. We would never make a buyer take a pup that is not what he wants.

When placing a deposit on a pup, please understand that you MUST pick up your pup (or have it shipped) within a few days of it turning 8 weeks old.  We are providing a pup that does not live in a kennel; he is beginning his life in a social, family setting.   We want the pups to go to their new homes in their 8th week unless an agreement is made at the time of placing the deposit.


Puppy Care in our home.

1.  Your puppy’s parents live in a 24 x 24-foot room with plenty of natural light, air conditioning, and heat as needed.  They are carefully maintained on excellent food (4Health Chicken)  and are kept up to date on all vaccinations.  A half-acre fenced yard is available for them to romp in. They are routinely examined by our vet and are in excellent condition.

2.  Your puppy will be whelped in a safe, clean, dry, and warm environment.  He will visit the vet at 3-5 days of age to be checked over and have his dewclaws removed. 50/50 hybrids have INTACT TAILS.

3.  Your puppy will be allowed to nurse until he is 6 weeks of age though he will begin eating puppy food at 4 weeks of age.  This nursing gives him immunity through his mother’s milk.  Once started on food, he will be fed excellent wheat free, corn free food called 4 Health Puppy.  He will stay on this food until he leaves and he will take some of it with him to start at your house.

4.  On the day your puppy turns 6 weeks old, he will go to the vet for a thorough examination.  The vet will administer his first shots and de-worm him.

5. We will post weekly pictures of the pups until selection day when they are six weeks old. We will also do seven-week pictures if time allows.  You will have your pup in time for eight-week pictures.

6.  Your puppy will have had time outdoors, time playing with children, and exposure to family noises like basketballs, bicycles, mini-bikes, and cars as much as weather permits according to the season in which your pup is born.

7. Your pup will have had at least two car rides – both in crates.

8. If your puppy is being shipped or has a long car ride home, we will make sure he gets several sessions in a crate before he leaves our home.

9. Before your puppy leaves our property, he will be de-wormed at 4 wks of age with Pyrantel and 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age with Fenbendazole as recommended by our vet.

Payment, Pick up, and Shipping 

1. Your $400 deposit can be made by a check made out to Janet Cook or by Paypal.

2. Your second payment on the pup will be due at puppy selection on the day the pup turns 6-weeks old.

3.  If you arepicking your pup up from our home, your final balance is due in cash unless you make other arrangements with me ahead of time.

4.  If you are having us ship the puppy to your area, the fee is $500 for 2020 increasing to $600 in 2021. *  The following is an itemization of the costs.    Until further notice, the airlines have put an embargo on all shipping of live animals due to COVID

Vet Appointment and State Health Certificate required to fly  $60

Shipping Crate   $60

Airplane ticket   $340

Gas to Detroit (300 mile round trip)  $40

Minimum 8 hours of my time $100

*These fees are subject to change if there is a big increase in prices at the vet or airline.

5.  If you are planning to fly into Michigan and escort your pup home in the cabin with you, you will provide your own puppy tote.  Each airline has regulations regarding these carry-ons so check with your airline. IMPORTANT NOTICE  As of spring 2020, the only airlines offering this service for 8 week old pups are Southwest and American.  Please be careful where you purchase your ticket.  Most airlines require the pup to be 10 weeks which will not work for our breed because the pup will be too big to fit under the seat.  If you choose this approach, my fee for the service is $200.*   This covers the following:

Vet Appointment and State Health Certificate required to fly   $60

Gas to Detroit   (300 mile round trip)  $40

Minimum 8 hours of my time  $100

*These fees are subject to change if there is a big increase in prices at the vet or airline.

  Airline travel and puppies:

Temperature control.  We only ship on airlines that provide a temperature-controlled compartment for animals.  Even in this situation, however, the puppy has time on the runway either loading or unloading.  This can add up to quite a bit of time in a crate on a luggage trolley, especially if there is any kind of delay.  Because of this, the airlines will not ship a pup if any airport on the puppy’s flight itinerary has a predicted high over 85 degrees or low under 20 degrees.

Escort option.  Some of our buyers opt to meet us at the airport and take their pup as a carry-on.  This is allowed by the airlines and is a good solution to the problem of extreme temperatures.  We can meet you right at the security gate and you can escort your own puppy home.  See #5 above.

Stla s2016 Lt. Blue boy 7wk2

Your Responsibilities: 

1.  You MUST plan to pick up your pup within a few days of the day he turns 8 weeks old.  We are providing a pup that is not living in a kennel. Instead, he is beginning his life in a social, family setting.  We want the pups to go to their new homes in their 8th week unless an agreement is made at the time of placing the deposit.

2. You SHOULD make your vet appointment before you pick up your pup. Many offices are very busy and it is hard to get in.  Once the litter is born, I will tell you the exact dates that the pup will be at the vet here and you can base your appointment on that information.

3.  You MAY want to use the weeks while you wait for your pup to grow up here to brush up on your puppy training ideas.  There are many good books and I have some suggestions on my puppy training page.

Paul and Janet  Cook

Greenville, Michigan       989-307-0924