Over the years, our buyers have sent us dozens and dozens of adorable pictures of their pups as they mature. We try to post a variety of them on this page.  Unfortunately, many pictures are not formatted in a way that my website will display them.  Please enjoy the ones that are currently available.


Violet  50/50 hybrid

Joules (50/50 hybrid – solid)

Phog  (50/50 hybrid)

Caline skyping with her “sister” Cookie (same parents but different litter).  FOR REAL!!!!

Max (50/50 hybrid)

Jasmine and young Athena (50/50 hybrids)

Athena 50/50 hybrid



Fergus  (50/50 hybrid)


Boon and Brig (50/50 hybrid brindle)


Mukluk (50/50 hybrid – solid)

Stanley (50/50 hybrid)




Starbuck (50/50 hybrid)
Fergus again (50/50 hybrid)


Murphy 50/50 hybrid


Dexter 50/50 hybrid
Trevi 50/50 hybrid
Roxy 50/50 hybrid