Current Litter



Welcome!  To see pictures of the current litters, please look under the mother’s name on the “current litter” tab.





We take great care to produce healthy, well balanced puppies.  The litters are all whelped inside and spend their first five weeks living in the house with us.  They get exposed to the traffic of family life as it goes on around them and we can carefully monitor their health.


When the puppies are 5 weeks old, they begin sojourning outside into the big world to go to the bathroom and play whenever the weather permits.   By the time they are  eight weeks old, they have gained much confidence in the outside world and are beginning to understand the potty training process.


A note about these puppies:

Remember is that the puppies are babies.  The spunkiest puppy can look sleepy in a photo – because it is nap time for that particular pup.  All of the pups will be playful and have good, gentle temperaments.