Snicket’s pups



Bernedoodle Pups

from Kings Highway Bernedoodles

Snicket’s litter is arrived on March 12, 2022.  ALL SOLD

Phantom Boy  3wks   $1800    Sold

Tuxedo Boy    3wks    $1400    Available

Black Girl    3wks   $1200    Sold

Tuxedo Girl   3wks  $1400   Sold

SOLD   Sable girl   3wks    $1800    SOLD

SOLD   Parti  Female    3wk       $1800    SOLD

Tuxedo  Female     3wk     $1400    Sold

SOLD   Blue Merle Female   3wk     $2200    SOLD

SOLD     Parti Female     3wks    $1800     SOLD

SOLD    Sable Female    3wk     $2000    SOLD

As the puppies mature, we will post individual pictures of each pup. Remember  that these puppies are babies.  The spunkiest puppy can look sleepy in a photo – because it is nap time for that particular pup.  All of the pups will be playful and have good, gentle temperaments.