Cozette’s pups


Cozette has been bred for a litter of purebred Standard Poodles. 

The litter is due March 6, 2021

Please contact me if you are interested in information about  the Standard Poodles.

These are pictures of pups from her 2020 Airedoodle litter



These are pictures of Cozette’s 2019 litter.


Blue Boy at 5 weeks. SOLD 


Green Boy at 5 weeks. SOLD 

Jasper at 5 weeks.  SOLD to Jill in Michigan

Green Girl at 5 weeks. SOLD

Black girl at 5 weeks. SOLD to Barbara in Pennsylvania.

Orange Girl at 5 weeks.  SOLD


Pink girl at 5 weeks. SOLD

Brown girl at 5 weeks. SOLD to Gianna in Wisconsin


Purple girl at 5 weeks. SOLD







As the puppies mature, we will post individual pictures of each pup. Remember  that these puppies are babies.  The spunkiest puppy can look sleepy in a photo – because it is nap time for that particular pup.  All of the pups will be playful and have good, gentle temperaments.