Eliza’s pups

Eliza gave us 11 beautiful puppies on October 2, 2016.  Imagine Eleven!  She is handling them beautifully.  We have six boys and five girls in the litter.  ALL ARE SOLD. Eliza’s next litter will be fall 2017.   

Deposits on the 2017 litter:

Males                                              Females

1.                                                                      1.

2.                                                                         2.

3.                                                                         3.

Black Boy  – Sold to Alida (Michigan)

 Blue boy – sold to Ashley (Arizona)

 Brown Boy – sold  to Holly (D.C.)

Green Boy – sold to Becky (Washington)

 Green Girl –  sold to Sue (Minnesota)

 Orange girl sold to Sara (Michigan)

 Pink Girl  – sold to Andrea (Germany)


 Purple Girl – sold to Barb (Michigan)

 Red boy – sold to Rebekah (California)

 Tan boy – sold to Michelle (Michigan)



 White girl – sold to Jennifer (Virginia)

 A note about these pups:

As the puppies mature, we will post individual pictures of each pup. Remember  that these puppies are babies.  The spunkiest puppy can look sleepy in a photo – because it is nap time for that particular pup.  All of the pups will be playful and have good, gentle temperaments.

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