Eliza’s pups

Eliza’s last litter arrived on August 15th. She did not let us down….eight beautiful puppies.  Eliza has been a most amazing dog for us.    Eliza’s black solid pups are $1000.  Her black and tan pups are $1200.   Deposit is $200.

Deposits on the 2017 litter:

Males                                              Females

1. Shirley  (Texas) black solid                    1.  Patrick (Kentucky) black & tan

2. Daniel (Michigan) black & tan              2. Lance  (Indiana) black solid

3. Tina (Texas) black & tan                    3. Breeder (Michigan) black & tan

4.  Donna (N. Mexico) solid black         4. Gina (Iowa) black solid

 Below are pictures of Eliza’s 2017 litter at 7 weeks of age.  They are all sold.  Next available puppies will be Starbuck’s litter in October. 

Brown boy – sold to Tina in Texas

 Green boy – sold to Daniel in Michigan

 Blue boy – sold to Shirley in Texas

Red boy – sold to Donna in New Mexico

 Tan girl – sold

 Yellow girl – sold

 Purple girl – sold to Lance in Indiana


 White girl – sold to Gina in Iowa

As the puppies mature, we will post individual pictures of each pup. Remember  that these puppies are babies.  The spunkiest puppy can look sleepy in a photo – because it is nap time for that particular pup.  All of the pups will be playful and have good, gentle temperaments.

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