Starbuck’s pups

Stbk s2016 4wk1

These are pictures from Starbucks 2016 litter. Her pups are 75% Airedale and 25% Standard Poodle.  Stbk s2016 4wk2

Starbuck’s spring litter was born on March 24, 2017.   All of her pups are black and tan and are priced at $1200.              ALL ARE SOLD.

Green Boy at 9 weeks  sold to Kim in Michigan.


Black Boy at 9 weeks – SOLD to Teresa in Michigan


Blue Boy  at 6 weeks sold to Scott in Michigan

Brown boy at 6 weeks.   Sold to Andy in Illinois.

Blue girl at 6 weeks – sold to Jennifer in Michigan.

Orange Girl at 6 weeks – sold to Jody in Montana.

White Girl at 6 weeks – sold to Taylor in Montana

Yellow girl at 9 weeks. Sold to Tiffany in  Michigan.Stbk s2017 yellow girl 9wk1




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