Soda’s pups

                  Soda’s second litter is planned for Spring 2019

WDeposits on that litter:

1. Gianna (WI)

2.Reilly (ME) prefers female

3. Brad (MD) prefers female

4. Chelsea (Alberta) prefers male

5. Diana (MI)

6. Nancy (TX) prefers male

The six deposit slot are filled for this litter. You may consider the waiting list for any puppies beyond those six.

Below you will see the pups from Soda’s first litter. 

All are SOLD. They are here for visual reference.

Soda’s pups are always black and tan and $1200.

Blue boy at 6 weeks – SOLD

Green boy at 6 weeks –  SOLD


Red Boy at 4 weeks – SOLD

Black girl at 4 weeks – SOLD

Brown girl at 6 weeks – SOLD

Purple girl at 6 weeks  – SOLD

White girl at 6 weeks – SOLD