Soda’s pups

                  Soda’s second litter was born on April 22, 2019

WShe had 5 boys and 2 girls.

All of Soda’s pups are SOLD 

Soda’s pups are always black and tan and $1200.

1. Chelsea (Alberta, Canada)  MALE

2. Diana (Michigan) FEMALE

3. Jack (Pennsylvania) MALE

4. Jonna (Tennesee)  FEMALE

5. Courtney (Oregon) MALE

6. Christina (Michigan) MALE

7. David (WA) MALE

Black Boy – 6 wks SOLD to Chelsea in Alberta

Green Boy – 6 wks. SOLD to David in WA


Orange Boy –  6 wks. SOLD to Courtney in OR

Tan Boy – 6 wks. SOLD to Christina in MI


White Boy – 6 wks. SOLD to Jack in PA


Pink Girl – 6 wks. SOLD to Diana in MI


Yellow Girl – 6 wks. SOLD to Jonna in TN