Reservations for Future Litters

WDeposits on 50/50 hybrid Airedoodles litters.

 Luna (projected August)

Estimate 8-9 pups per litter.

1. Vivian (MI)  prefer colored – Female

2. Michael and Susan –  prefer colored female

3. Christina –  prefer colored Male

4.  Lorrie (MI)

5. Lynette (MN) prefer colored Female

6. Gregg (WI)  – prefers Male

7. Lauren –

8. Jerilyn – pending Male

9. Rick (MI)

This is the 2020 list.

Everyone on the above list that does not get a pup in 2019 will move to this list. 

1. Marie (MI)  colored female

2. Nancy (TX) fall of 2020 prefer male

3. Reilly (IL) spring 2020

4. Sean (MI) colored female


Deposits on 75/25 hybrid Airedoodle litters.

Starbuck is the only female that produces these pups so all of the buyers on the deposit list are for Starbuck pups.

1. Lynne (CO) prefer Female

2. Drake (NV) – prefer Male

3. Jack (TN) -prefer Female

4. Joyce (MI) pending – prefer Female

5. Vanessa (pending) prefer Male

6. Ashley (MI) prefer Male

7. Kathy (NC) either gender

8. Malinda (NC)  either gender

9. Malinda (NC)  either gender