Reservation Book

Reservations for upcoming litters
50/50 Hybrids   (50%Airedale 50%Poodle)

I have wrestled quite a bit with how to do reservations on my 50/50 hybrids.  In years past, my Standard Poodles have been very different from one another genetically. Now, my  Standard Poodle girls are quite similar which will reduce the differences between their puppies.  In the end, I have decided to combine the reservation list on the 50/50 hybrids.  I generally do three of these litters per year and thus far there has always been enough for the depositors.

Note: I will never sell a pup to a buyer that is not what he really wants.  The depositor will always have the option to move to the next litter of pups.

Colored pups are $1200 and Solid pups are $1000.

Please look at the Airedoodle Colors page to see pictures of color development.

Reservations on 50/50 hybrids 2018

Cozette’s litter arrived on April 20, 2018.  She had 7 girls!  We have 2 girls still available in this litter. 

1. Amy (Oregon) Cozette female COLORED

2. Cheryl (Mich) Cozette female COLORED

3. Jorae  (Minnesota)  Cozette female  COLORED

4.  Heather (Ohio)  Cozette  female  SOLID

5. Mandy (Pending) Cozette  female  COLORED

6. Available – SOLID

7. Available – SOLID

Stella’s litter arrived on April 30, 2108.  She had 1 girl and 8 boys! Here are her current deposits.

1.  Michael (Mass)  Stella  female  SOLID

2. Lisa  (Michigan)   Stella male   COLORED

3. Daniel (Michigan)    Stella male  SOLID

4. Diane (Michigan)  Stella brindle male

5.  Amy (Michigan)  Stella male   smallest

6. Tim and Tamara (Alaska) pending  Stella  male COLORED

7. Available – COLORED

8. Available – SOLID

9. Available – SOLID

75/25 Hybrids (75%Airedale 25% Poodle)

These pups are only produced by Starbuck x Jameson. The spring 2018 litter is all sold.  Next litter planned for spring 2019.