Reservations for Future Litters

WDeposits on 50/50 hybrid Airedoodles litters.

 Estimate 8-9 pups per litter.

Calpurnia surprised us by going into heat earlier than expected. 

Some of these buyers may take a pup from Callie’s November litter at the 2019 price $1200.

Others may choose to wait until late spring/summer 2020

1. Nancy (TX) fall of 2020 prefer male

2. Vivian (MI) spring or summer 2020 prefer colored female

3. Sean (MI) prefer colored female

4. Jack (TN) female

5. Raegan (MI)

6. Kate (NY) prefer colored female

Here are my guesses, and mind you they are guesses:

Calpurnia (ALREADY BRED) all two-toned pups – whelping in November and ready to go in January 2020.  $1200

Soda – all two-toned pups – whelping late May and ready to go mid-July  $1500

Luna – two-toned and brindled – whelping late May and ready to go mid-July  $1500

Cozette – two-toned and solids – whelping mid-June and ready to go mid-August  $1000 / $1500

Somebody! – fall 2020