Reservations for Future Litters

WDeposits on 50/50 hybrid Airedoodles litters.

We have decided to limit the deposits to twelve people. 

After that, we are putting interested people on the waiting list.

As soon as there is an opening in the depositors list, the people in the waiting list will

be offered the chance to move up to the depositors list.

Deposit List 

1. Alida (MI) FALL 2021 prefer male

2. Keith Rosol (MI)  FALL 2021

3. Lisa (Canada) SPRING 2022

4. Aaron pending

5. Heather (MI)

6. Casey

75/25 Airedoodle hybrids.  

These pups will be from Tonks and Jameson and will be 75% Airedale 25% Standard Poodle

1. Holly (DC) female